‘Pastoral support and safeguarding are excellent’ ISI Report 2015

Students’ well-being and happiness are key to academic success. Therefore, LTC students are always encouraged to raise any queries or issues they might have, be it with subject teachers, support staff or Principal.


At LTC we believe in using all the best possible tools available to achieve optimum results. We place a great emphasis on building confidence in our students. Attendance monitoring, regular assessments and reporting provide students, teachers and parents with an accurate picture. Regular one-to-one online meetings to discuss progress, development and any concerns ensure that students’ well-being is paramount to academic success.



When new students start at LTC they are assigned a buddy from one of the group of existing students. The buddies help new students and guide them through the system, helping with any queries.

  • regular online assemblies, polls and group chats to strengthen the community spirit, add an extra dimension and invite contributions from students and tutors
  • encouragement to follow an extra-curricular programme which can develop character and new interests
  • reinforcement of positive behaviour through a reporting and rewards system

Whether you are a UK or an international student, you will have a chance to widen your horizons and learn a lot from both teachers and other students, as well as from a wide variety of additional online activities taking place at LTC. Domestic students have a chance to join students from abroad during many lessons and collaborative activities.

There is an optional cultural enrichment programme which students can join. Prior to each virtual trip, students:

–  learn about the places to be visited

–  study their history and significance

–  engage in a research project to later give a presentation

The trips combine a homework project and a ‘topic of discussion’ in class so that there is time for reflection, knowledge acquisition and sharing.

‘‘The college pays proper regard to the health, safety and welfare of students.’ ISI Report 2015

Sport and extra-curricular activities play a vital part in the British education system. To be healthy is not just about keeping active and busy but it is also about being in a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being.

At LTC, we recognise the need to keep our students motivated, well-disciplined and healthy. Sport and the arts promote academic learning, build self-esteem and develop team work. We actively encourage students to take part in a range of sports, arts and cultural activities.

I had a great time here. I experienced a different and wonderful culture. Everyone was very hospitable. I’ll certainly come back as soon as I can!’  Bronislav, 15