The college monitors individual progress closely throughout the programme and provides excellent additional support where needed.‘  ISI Report 2015

Our mission is to ensure that in our friendly and caring online community, all our students are prepared in the very best way possible to optimise their potential as learners with initiative, confidence, high aspirations, compassion and a desire to serve others well.


We have high expectations of all our students and help everyone increase their passion and proficiency in their learning. Each student is given the individual attention required to fulfill his or her potential, maintain consistently high motivation levels and make maximum progress. The online environment provides a plethora of additional tools to assist us with supporting students that much better within the blended virtual classroom run face to face by experienced tutors.

“I wish I could stay longer. I learned a lot and made a lot of progress. I read a lot of books I think this year is the happiest year of my life!”

– Danny, 14


LTC undertakes to:

  • provide a high quality holistic online learning environment for students wishing to achieve top grades in selected academic subjects
  • help students develop the essential knowledge and skills necessary for academic success
  • inspire young students to develop a love of learning in preparation for a productive and fulfilling future
  • attend diligently to each student’s academic, welfare and physical needs whilst encouraging resourcefulness and creativity
  • work to develop self-esteem and respect for others in each and every student
  • establish an ethos encouraging mutual understanding, appreciation and the sharing of aims, in an atmosphere of harmony and healthy debate
  • help students stay safe, healthy and happy, whilst enjoying achieving their goals
  • create a climate of mutual support and friendliness for students, tutors and staff.

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