‘The college monitors individual progress closely throughout the programme and provides excellent additional support where needed, as students confirm.’ ISI Report 2015

At LTC we believe in using the best possible tools resources to achieve optimum results. We place a great emphasis on building confidence in our students by coaching them to accomplish the art of learning; information recall, knowledge application and exam success. Regular assessments and reporting, attendance monitoring and monthly progress review meetings ensure that students, teachers and parents have an accurate picture of the rate of progress.


Student profiling allows us to assess individual abilities; it identifies specific strengths and weaknesses in order to customise the teaching approach and maximise each student’s potential. Every two weeks students take exam style tests. The LTC approach helps students engage with their learning experience and grow in confidence which contributes to them achieving optimum results.


As educators in independent study skills and knowledge application techniques we aim to provide all our students with vital life skills. We strive to make sure our students perfect revision and exam techniques, organisational and presentational skills as well as learn subject specific vocabulary and skills and a more applied approach to sciences.


In addition to attending regular individual meetings, each student participates in weekly tutorials. Small groups provide an excellent opportunity for tutors to monitor progress, offer ongoing support, cover PSHCE topics (personal, social, health and education) and relate to values in life such as friendship, honesty, respect, responsibility, healthy diet and exercise.


All long-term academic students are set bi-weekly projects to apply what they have learnt and extend their knowledge beyond the subject classroom. This approach promotes the development of genuine interests and passion.


There is considerable competition for places at top tier universities. At LTC we support help to the students as much as we can. We guide them through the university selection and application process. At LTC we set high yet realistic targets and provide interview training to help make this important step in every student’s life as smooth as possible.